Hereafter listed information is the official white paper for the decentralized news and content protocol ANOMUS. Welcome to the Real Vox Populi.

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.

Today there are numerous news reporting sources and sharing centers ranging from digitized publications of long-lasting legacy news vendors, new age online media portals, self-proclaimed expert bloggers or podcasters, news aggregator protocols, niche-focused reporting, and politically or ideologically leaning social media profiles.

All of them tend to have agendas that do not necessarily provide unbiased and sensible reporting of facts. Increasingly, the news turns into a narrative that the shareholders want to portray, which only divides society at large and increases confusion.

Censorship, fake news, fact manipulation, free speech suppression and other malpractices of journalism are becoming the norm. This is not how a society should function. We strongly believe that we can and must do better.

With the ANOMUS decentralized protocol, anyone can become a reporter and publish content out into the world. The community can interact with the content, propose annotations, add the opposing viewpoint to broaden the story’s scope, challange the author’s facts, flags for fake news, and various other features.

Every content piece on the platform is minted and backed by an NFT, remaining forever on the blockchain and cannot be censored. ANOMUS brings what the global society is aching for - a fair news platform governed by smart contracts and people who believe in real news.

ANOMUS is the Real Vox Populi.

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