Integral parts of ANOMUS: How Does it Work?

As mentioned above, there will be 3 core roles inside the ANOMUS decentralized platform that the ecosystem will revolve around. These three key actors will be content consumers (readers), publishers (authors), and fact-checkers (auditors). All of these actors are crucial to the well-being of the project to reach critical mass and global recognition as a trustless, all-inclusive, and well-rounded news platform.

Readers: People looking for news with integrity

As with any content platform, there will be no point in having one, if there isn’t anyone to consume the content. Readers are the backbone of the ANOMUS platform and the whole value proposition is based around them - to provide a balanced view on global events, latest discoveries, scientific progress, and political landscape.

  • Surf and read. Anomus will be available and reachable to anyone with a web3.0 wallet. Similarly like in other media portals, users will be able to follow the topics they're particularly interested in, get up to date with what's relevant and trending, get their naily news reporting (global or localized) and read up on controversial and the most active discussions.

  • Engage: comment, rate, follow & etc. Besides reading and educating themselves, connected ANOMUS surfers will have the option to show their support and appreciation for the quality content they love by rating it, commenting, or following their favorite authors.

  • Donate and support authors. Users will be encouraged to donate to their favorite authors/cause/blog/publishing vendor by not only rating and liking the content, but also by tipping ANOMUS tokens or any other cryptocurrency to showcase their ongoing support. In the long term, the community will fund authors that they feel deliver integrity, unbiased reporting entertainment or valuable deep-dives through the ANOMUS decentralized platform.

Authors: Exposing corruption and revealing the uncomfortable truth

Without content - there will be no platform. Without question, authors will make the ANOMUS platform lively, engaging and valuable. Their continuous work and valuable insights will attract users from all around the world. The author incentive programs funded by the ANOMUS treasury will subsidize initial content producers to start publishing their work on the platform. Some will come on their own and others will be brought through direct targeting, but every author on the platform will have the ability to interact with the readers, build a reputation and benefit from the decentralized architecture of ANOMUS.

  • Write, format, and publish content. The platform will offer an intuitive UI to write, edit and publish content to the world at large. All the familiar tools and formatting sections will provide publishers with the required equipment to present their content in a user-friendly way.

  • Receive NFT-backed certificate of ownership. Every published content will be minted as an NFT and deposited to the publisher's wallet to act as the proof-of-publishing and will validate the content as originally coming from that particular author. Editing and publishing rights will be available to be sold or transferred through the web3.0 wallet. Ease and convenience at its best.

  • Build reputation and get recognized. Authors (addresses) who publish continuous work will have certain perks on the platform (higher article spread, listings as reputable authors, instant reputation on new threads and topics). Also, reputable authors will have incentive multipliers to earn more ANOMUS tokens for published content.

  • Suggest improvements and annotations. Authors (or any other platform participants) will have the chance to suggest edits and improvements for other author’s works, provide a different point of view or propose an opposing opinion. It will generate a thread-like discussion and ongoing dialogue - precisely what is needed to crack complex and convoluted topics.

  • Stay anonymous or reveal yourself. Some authors will leverage their real-life personalities and personal brands to spike readership and attract more content consumers. Other actors will probably embrace their right to stay confidential and let their work speak for itself. Both options will be honored and left for the authors to decide for themselves.

Auditors: Platform watchdogs will fact-check and challenge authors

Every community needs someone to keep things in order and prevent it from going into full-blown chaos. ANOMUS will also have a decentralized horde of fact-checkers that will scour the platform for fake news, fact-check author arguments, and link different content pieces from the same topic together. It will require diligent and thorough work, but auditors will be compensated for it from the ANOMUS treasury.

  • Scan published content. Auditors and fact-checkers will police the platform looking for controversial and doubtful claims. They will check screened content giving it the first badge of approval, which will signal to the readers that two claims of content integrity have been submitted - the initial ANOMUS token stake by the author and the first screening of the auditor.

  • Fact-check bold claims. Auditors will be required to fact-check controversial or bold claims and highlight their findings next to the claims to find out where they are positioned in the range of 'highly speculative' to 'factually true.’ Curious readers could also spike question marks to signal which statements and arguments the auditors should verify. The more people take part in truth-seeking, the better off everyone will be.

  • Screen for plagiarism. One of the current media pitfalls is that news reporting is rarely proprietary; most publications just rehash information obtained online and feed it to their readers. On ANOMUS, published stories will be categorized as either original or sourced content. Auditors on the platform will be employed with a plagiarism checking tool to sanction 'content thieves.’

  • Flag fake news and challenging authors. ANOMUS platform will allow anyone to post a story or an article. Once the publication is verified and fact-checked, the author will be able to redeem a reward. In case that the auditor finds misleading or provably wrong information, they will then challenge the author on the arguments inside the article and instigate a challenge.

Fake news will cost you reputation on ANOMUS.

As stated earlier in the document, ANOMUS will welcome anyone willing to share their opinions or publish industry or theme-specific insights on the platform. However, no qualification criteria can undoubtedly lead to spam and fake news spreading uncontrollably like wildfires. To prevent fake news and spam, ANOMUS developers have developed a relatively simple yet effective strategy.

Initially, every address will have the ability to post news or stories on the platform. Authors who will be publishing content that is accurate and follows the principles of Anomus will be verified and fact-checked by our auditors. The publisher will then receive a bonus from the incentives program.

If content published from an address is deemed untruthful, it will show in the publishing history and decrease its publisher’s reputation.

Content moderation: prevention of abusive content

Auditors, authors, and readers will play a screening part and will be able to report any harmful, violent or inappropriate content to temporarily remove it from the platform. ANOMUS will be a self-governing platform, hence active participation from all platform members will be crucial.

Operating on principles of all-inclusion and censorship-free expression, the ANOMUS development team and the common sense-driven society still regard certain themes as unfit for exploitation on public forums. Themes like abuse, animal cruelty, violence and other aesthetically unpleasant or morally wrong discourses will be actively removed from the platform. ANOMUS is meant to bring decentralized news and nuanced point of view into a fair battleground of dialogue.

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