The Mission Statement

We stand firmly by our conviction that access to information and news is a fundamental right of every individual. Information has become more accessible and abundant, but it is hard to discern factual and fair information from propaganda.

It is challenging to navigate through social media bubbles, politically or ideologically-fuelled tribalist movements.No centralized body can hire enough fact-checkers and validators to parse through everything that is put on the internet. It’s the classical dilemma of Sisyphus - the work will never end as the amount of information shared grows exponentially.

The only solution guaranteeing fair content distribution and freedom of speech decentralization. The backbone of the ANOMUS content system is its users, publishers and content consumers. Therefore, ANOMUS all integral ecosystem parts through community programs until a critical mass of content producers, checkers and readers is reached.

The team behind ANOMUS protocol chooses to remain anonymous and will only take care of setting up the platform leaving the rest to community governance in the future. ANOMUS project is about integrity and the voice of the people, rather than personal benefit, we strongly believe that the diverse and global community should direct the course of news today.

ANOMUS is taking bias out of the news equation.

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