ANOMUS: Token Usage

The native ANOMUS token will facilitate shared community ownership of the platform and ensure a diverse, multifaceted governance system that will reward contributing members and directly shape protocol development.

It will be used to transact within the ecosystem, all bounties and incentive programs will be denominated in ANOMUS tokens, it will be required to participate in community voting and governance decisions. As with any decentralized protocol, the native ANOMUS token will be the center of attention and local medium of exchange.

ANOMUS Token Utility

Besides being the sole medium of exchange within the platform, ANOMUS will have a plethora of additional use cases that will ensure favorable token velocity and demand.

Publishers (Authors)

  • Visibility - Authors will have the ability to increase the visibility of their content by staking ANOM tokens; increasing visibility will garner more views for their content.

  • Rewards - Authors will be rewarded with ANOM tokens for submitting content verified by the community fact-checkers as part of the Anomus Incentive Program.

  • Ads - Authors will earn ANOM tokens from ads placed in their content.

  • Donations - Authors can receive donations in ANOM tokens, a show of support for their work from their readers and subscribers.

  • Subscriptions - Authors will receive subscriptions in ANOM tokens from readers who wish to view and subscribe to the author’s paid content.

Auditors (Fact-Checkers)

  • Qualification - Anomus users will be required to stake ANOM tokens to qualify as auditors; this process safeguards the commitment of users who wish to become fact-checkers and audit content submitted by the publishers.

  • Challenging - Auditors are required to moderate the content published by the authors. Challenging content will initiate “fact-checking,” allowing the auditors to stake their ANOM tokens to their respective opinions. Challenging content instigates community disputes which could lead to editing or removal of the content.

  • Rewards - Auditors will receive ANOM tokens for their effective participation and the reputation that they have acquired as fact-checkers.

Readers (Users)

  • Staking - Readers will be able to participate in staking pools for the published content; staking pools are divided into two parts, “True” & “False,” with the winning side receiving the total rewards.

  • Donations - Readers will have the ability to donate ANOM tokens to their favorite authors freely.

  • Subscriptions - Readers will need to subscribe to access paid content; subscriptions are paid by the readers to the authors using ANOM tokens.

Companies (Advertisers)

  • Advertisements - Companies and businesses that wish to place advertisements via the Anomus platform will be allowed to do so by staking ANOM tokens. Each advertisement created will have a respective pool of staked ANOM tokens that will constitute the basis of reward for the authors utilizing those ads in their published content.


  • Protocol Development Proposals - All users will have the option to participate in the protocol development proposals, which will activate once the appropriate amount of ANOM tokens have been acquired in the proposal pool.

  • Voting - Users will be able to vote for protocol development proposals; voting power will be determined by the amount of ANOM tokens each user holds.

  • Soft Initiatives - Users will initiate soft initiatives in the form of community engagements with published content and marketing campaigns. All soft initiatives will utilize ANOM tokens to initiate and operate.

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