No rug pulls: ANOMUS Security Audit

Security has always been an integral part of blockchain technology. When done correctly, the advantage of a secure protocol significantly outperforms centralised custodial services whether financial custody or custody of ownership rights, given that the user properly stores and manages private keys.

Smart contracts, on the other hand, are yet to become a universally perfected technology. Errors or bugs found in the code of smart contracts have proven disastrous over the years, resulting in millions in stolen funds and poses a significant threat for the well-being and long-term adoption of any protocol.

Now, security is more important than ever before as the 2020-2021 period has seen its fair share of high profile smart contract and protocol exploits.

Unfortunately, many decentralized and layer-two projects skip the smart contract and protocol auditing process entirely. ANOMUS however, makes it a top priority to perform rigorous audits of the ANOMUS token smart contract, and the content platform before deployment as well as any new feature or functionality implementation.

ANOMUS dev team strongly believes that in order to pave a prosperous future, security must be a top priority. That is why ANOMUS is taking a robust stance in verifying its smart contracts and protocol’s safety.

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